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Jeep Star Logo Printed Spare Wheel Cover

900.00TL 495.00TL


Star Jeep logo printed spare wheel cover model. It is permanently processed by UV printing on artificial leather.

Prints made on high quality vinyl materials are handcrafted as full molds.

Spare wheel cover or Spare wheel cover make it with the most beautiful designs while meeting your needs.

You can attach the Spare Wheel Cover to your empty spare wheel or on top of the spare wheel cover.

Browse the relevant categories for spare wheel covers with beautiful designs.

Vehicle Spare wheel cover specific to your brand For models click here.

To fit all vehicles fun spare wheel covers for click here.

If you have your own design, you can order by uploading your own design here: Upload Your Own Design

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Deri Stepne Kılıfı

Deri Stepne Kılıfı

Deri Stepne Kılıfı

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